Remote Video Auditing

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We work with healthcare, agribusiness, construction and insurance companies globally to provide our remote video auditing services


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Remote Video Auditing in the healthcare industry increases patient safety, reduces infection rates, and improves operating room turn around times. We review an extensive range of criteria and help Providers adhere to their hospital protocols.

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We offer video auditing that can cover the entire sequence of your operations from live animal handling to further processing, and the entire breadth of criteria from animal welfare to food safety and margins.

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Arrowsight offers unique applications for the Construction Industry’s unique needs. Insuring worker safety, accelerating productivity, and collecting historical data to aid in future estimation are just a few solutions we offer.

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Reducing risk and increasing worker safety go hand-in-hand. We review a wide range of criteria from personal protective equipment to lock-out-tag-out and more. 

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Changing the conversation. 

Arrowsight has made an impact and people are talking about it, from CNBC's Mad Money discussing the benefits of RVA for your company's bottom line to CBS New York addressing how technology is changing the game in how we prevent medical mistakes.