Agribusiness Solutions


Sustainability Solutions

Daily, our solutions are improving and sustaining food safety, human and animal welfare, product quality, and compliance measures that are critical to supply chain performance.

Health + Welfare

Our applications support adherence to human and animal safety protocols and evaluate areas where hazardous equipment and proper procedures are utilized at high compliance ratings. We apply extensive knowledge of proper work place safety and animal care to make sure both humans and animals are treated correctly within the work space environment.

Food Safety

Our food safety applications:

  • Sanitation
  • Hygiene
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Bio-Security
  • Quality Verification
  • We provide support tools and excellent customer service so your products and employees are compliant to the extensive standards set by your company.

    Margin Solutions

    Our solutions historically generate 4:1 returns on investment as a conservative outcome and often exceeds this level.

     Key Applications

    • Throughput enhancement of 10% or greater

    • Yield enhancement of ½ point or better

    • Reduce labor of 10% or greater


    Sentinel platform

    We employ a variety of commercial and proprietary hardware solutions to gather actionable data in a variety of environments. This includes both fixed and mobile hardware platforms configured in multiple customized form factors.

    Check out our Sentinel Hardware solutions here


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