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Patient Safety

Arrowsight RVA services provide direct observation in the hospital setting and help Providers raise their adherence to hospital protocols resulting in a safer environment for their patients.

Whether we are auditing in the Operating Room, the hospital wards, or the sterilization rooms – Arrowsight RVA provides feedback directly to the providers helping them to improve the environment for patients.

Surgical safety checklist

Hand Hygiene Compliance

PPE Donning & Doffing


Environmental Services/ Cleaning

Arrowsight’s auditing services have been shown to increase compliance for a variety of complicated and detailed procedures.

Room Cleaning

  • Operating Room Terminal Cleaning - 40% increase in compliance via RVA [source]
  • Operating Room Between Case Cleaning Compliance up to 93% via RVA [source]
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Endoscope Reprocessing

  • Arrowsight RVA services & feedback help our clients to ensure their scopes are cleaned according to manufacturer IFU’s.
  • RVA is performed throughout the day. We use megapixel cameras so that we can identify and audit the explicit multi-step endoscope reprocessing protocols (including but not limited to duodenoscopes).
  • During the feedback phase clients have experienced multi-factor improvements, consistently reaching 95%+ compliance scores. [More Info]
  • OR Attire Compliance


    Patient Flow/Throughput

    Near Real-Time video auditing provides prompt feedback and relevant metrics to increase utilization in operating rooms and emergency departments.

    Operating Room Efficiency

    Arrowsight RVA helps to improve Operating Room Efficiency by providing feedback to clinical teams.

  • OR Turnover Time - Wheels Out to Wheels In times
  • Improve First Case Starts - Helping rooms to start on time
  • Surgeon Turn Around = shorten downtime for hospital surgeons
  • ED Admits to Hospital

    Helping to improve the time an admitted patient receives an in-pateint hospital bed

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