Artificial Intelligence

Arrowsight has trained AI algorithms using Deep Learning to improve and expand the service delivered to our customers. Arrowsight’s AI applications have a unique implementation, where large volumes of video are scanned by the algorithm, and detailed analysis is performed by trained human auditors. This allows us to get the scale of an automated application with the accuracy and true decision-making abilities of a human brain.


Worker Safety + AI

Using our hybrid human and algorithm approach, we detect suspicious events (such as people getting too close to equipment) and have a human auditor check a long list of criteria to insure safety protocols are being followed.


Healthcare + AI

We are using AI to detect patient safety checklists in operating rooms. This high-throughput and low-latency application reviews 30+ hours of video a day, with a typical response time of less than 5 minutes.


Arrowsight + AI

We use our team of professional video auditors to allow for a pragmatic approach to computer vision. Instead of developing "perfect" algorithms, we use AI technology to detect less subtle events. Once the AI detects the event, a human auditor can review that event for a long and detailed list of criteria, even in challenging environments or with low-quality video. We use computer vision to allow our team to work smarter.