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Worker Safety

The construction industry has one of the most dangerous work environments, with worker’s compensation costs of ~5% of gross revenues. Arrowsight construction clients have reduced work place safety risk by ~90% in a matter of weeks.

Worker Safety Checklist

  • Designated Zones Improperly Marked
  • Employee Too Close to Energized Equipment (Traveling or Swinging) or Vehicles
  • Employee Too Close to Live Loads
  • Fall Protection
  • Ladder Safety
  • Housekeeping
  • Traffic Safety
  • Electronic Devices (Cell Phones, Tablets, Survey Equipment, etc.)
  • Fire Protection
  • Dust Control
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    With many firms achieving net margins of 2%-5%, improving productivity can lead to strong financial improvements. RVA services can help improve a wide range of productivity challenges, including on-time starts and throughput utilization.



    When estimating new jobs, there are many variables in accurately pricing work. RVA services can provide construction firms with an invaluable library of estimating data based on actual output metrics collected from multiple job sites.

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