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Insurance Carriers

RVA can be embedded into new insurance products for high hazard industries to improve loss ratios, increase premiums by reducing self-insurance retention levels and/or offering aggregate coverage, and reduce collateral requirements for insureds. These innovations improve client retention and reduce the cost of new client acquisition.


  • Reduced “at-risk” worker safety behavior from ~30% to ~1% in less than 3 months in 30+ industrial food manufacturing facilities

  • Similar results have been seen in the construction industry

  • RVA also highlights proper tool usage and interaction with machinery, further reducing risk exposure


Insurance Brokers

Newly developed RVA-based insurance products can increase broker’s commission revenues and provide insureds with new high impact solutions.


“Insured’s” (Businesses with high hazard occupations)

Businesses with high hazard occupations, such as construction, energy infrastructure, and certain manufacturing industries can benefit from our RVA solutions.

RVA can decrease overall workers’ compensation insurance costs, provide staff with much safer work environments, and reduce year-to-year insurance costs variability

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