What is RVA?

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Remote Video Auditing (RVA) 

Our proprietary system of Remote Video Auditing uses onsite or mobile video cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and additional technologies like motion sensors and machine learning or computer vision algorithms.

Our client partners own all their video, and we access client-owned servers through encrypted VPN connections to view the video. Arrowsight's professional auditors have specialized training in their industry and applications, and detect subtle occurrences that someone without special training could not.

Our unique software allows our auditors to review a very high volume of video efficiently and enables detailed identification of any occurrences that our client partners want to be detected. It also allows our customers to review exactly what was detected, viewing the same video the auditor did with annotations for any anomalies or points of interest.

The audits are conducted in secure facilities, where the auditors are behind a variety of security controls like bio-metric recognition scanners and metal detectors. As the video is scored we are able to deliver near-real-time feedback as well as rich analytics that can be used to identify coaching or training needs.

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