How Our Nuts and Bolts Help You With Yours

Our clients come to us with operational challenges:

  • How can we produce more with the same number of workers?
  • How can we remind workers to follow safety protocols in a rushed atmosphere?
  • How can we monitor for rare mistakes that could harm our brand or jeopardize our company's survival?

Equipment and Installation

Arrowsight works with 3rd party video equipment installation firms to install video cameras, motion sensors, digital video recorders (DVRs) and other technologies to allow us to help monitor your operations remotely.


Once installed, video cameras and a wide range of electronic triggers such as motion sensors and machine data work together to record relevant activity. Highly-trained reviewers then connect remotely through a highly-secured web portal to the DVRs, which store footage locally at the client site. Arrowsight's reviewers then scrutinize a computer-generated random sample of video recording your staff at work on critical operations. They then measure whether your staff meet the goals and adhere to the protocols established by you.


To management and staff, while they work
As Arrowsight's reviewers score, their assessments combine with those of other reviewers in the Arrowsight database and produce a representative measure of performance. We then stream near-real-time performance information back to the managers and workers responsible for the task while they work.

To foster the accountability of the team
Arrowsight largely provides aggregate feedback describing the performance of the team, not pinpointing individual workers. This helps promote a culture of teamwork and accountability. Clients have full access to the video we assess and can use it to identify particular coaching or training needs as necessary, and to recognize strong performance.

Big picture analytics
In addition to the near-real-time feedback, Arrowsight produces rich analytics on various aspects of your performance on an intra-shift, per-shift, per-day, per-week and per-month basis, providing you with the big picture you need to sustain the level of performance you have worked hard to achieve.

Exception alerts when performance varies up or down
Most importantly, Arrowsight can alert your management when operations are off, allowing them to make near real-time corrections that can help save money and save lives. Arrowsight works with clients to establish when they would like alerts in the case that performance dips, or even when it reaches an all-time high.

We Call it Remote Video Auditing (RVA)

Combine everything we have just described - the equipment and installation, the measurement, and the feedback - and you have a complete package of services we call Remote Video Auditing, or RVA. The following diagram illustrates how we bring together all of these components into a streamlined service. Arrowsight, Inc. is the only producer of RVA in the marketplace and we are eager to apply our unique set of services to your operational challenges.