Company Overview

Our goal

Arrowsight’s goal is straightforward: to provide a wide range of industries with the tools they need to have a precise view on critical aspects of their operations and to help them improve performance rapidly and keep it strong. Building on ten years of research, development, and implementation, Arrowsight deploys video and motion detection to provide game-changing insights for businesses, manufacturers and hospitals.

Around the clock, around the world

Based in Katonah, New York, with network operation centers in Huntsville, Alabama and in India, Arrowsight works around the clock to help its clients alert their staff and management about how well they are following protocols or meeting productivity targets.

Tools that transform practices and improve processes

By measuring the performance of workers and providing them with feedback while they work, Arrowsight helps improve operations dramatically in a matter of weeks. But there are plenty of short-lived ways to boost performance. The difference is that our continuous measurement and feedback allows businesses to sustain improved operations for years to come.

With Arrowsight’s tools, your business can identify the workers and processes that are on track as well as those that are not. This provides an unparalleled opportunity to pinpoint where oversight and training will have the greatest impact.


  • Food Manufacturing – increased product throughput rates by ~10% and reduced yield losses by 1%
  • Health Care – increased hand hygiene rates from below ~30% to ~90%
  • Quick Service Restaurants – improved customer service wait times by ~25%