Arrowsight MedicalTM

Raising expectations for patient safety and health care quality

Arrowsight Medical's mission is to provide tools to health care providers that enable them to achieve consistently high standards of patient safety. Helping hospitals drastically improve their safety and quality practices can reduce harm and save both lives and money.

Arrowsight Medical helps hospitals improve the quality and safety of their care by using video and other tools, such as motion detection, to measure adherence to established protocols and guidelines around the clock. Continuous monitoring also allows for continuous feedback to physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, and other hospital staff. The feedback can help improve practices dramatically in just weeks, and help caregivers to remain vigilant for years on end.

Some critical patient safety practices like hand hygiene are best measured through visual observation. But the health care industry's approach to observational measurement is far from standardized and often lacks rigor. Arrowsight is setting a new standard with hundreds of observations every 24 hour period in a single hospital unit for practices like hand hygiene. With so many data points to learn from, hospitals can pinpoint where practices are best and where they fall down, leading to opportunities for sustained improvement.

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